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eBook - Random Thoughts

Fabrizio Bentivoglio Arengi

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Prezzo: € 4,25


After years of study, Fabrizio kick-starts his career in a country that encourages those who are up for the challenge of achieving big goals. Under these circumstances, quickly becoming a man isn't a choice, but rather a necessity.

In line for a high-powered job in the family's highly successful business, he is confronted by a big change which forces him to not only confront himself, but also deal with a complex reality that threatens to kill off his "good kid" side, forever. Everything starts to change and destiny quickly complicates life as the true meaning of what it takes to create something requires the ability to accept and face change with a serenity that only the truly fearless possess.

In the pages of this exploration - through random thoughts - we see flashes from his past and present about love, his children, his friends, his strong and intense connection with his parents whom he loved discreetly and respectfully as well as other joys, doubts and memories.

Behind everything we find this "good kid transformed in to a man", with a grounded perspective that allows him to face life with an open mind.

Data pubblicazioneGennaio 2014
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Lo trovi inLibri digitali: #eBook in lingua Inglese
MCR-NR 92105

Fabrizio Arengi Bentivoglio è laureato in Economia Aziendale all'Universita' Ca Foscari di Venezia, ha conseguito il Master in Business Administration alla New York University Stern School of Business. Da anni vive e lavora a New York dove ha ricoperto vari ruoli per importanti multinazionali... Leggi di più...

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