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The Mystery of Autumn - DVD in Inglese


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About the Actor
Ramtha the Enlightened One is an ascended Master Teacher who learned in his lifetime the unlimited potential of our minds for creating and shaping reality. His empowering message of hope for humanity continues through his school, the Ramtha School of Enlightenment.

Product Description
The Mystery of Autumn DVD by Ramtha is a unique inside view into Ramtha s life-changing experience on the rock after being mortally wounded by the sword. He had become a legendary leader throughout the lands he conquered and to his people but now he had to conquer something much more challenging, himself. The new changes in nature happening around him, the cold winds, the frost, the majestic colors of his first autumn, gave him the insight he needed for his ultimate victory and enlightenment. It was his deep contemplation and observation of nature that helped him finally walk away from his rock and remember something that all humanity had lost, its divinity. This teaching was recorded live at Ramtha s School of Enlightenment on October 22, 2006. This DVD will transport you to the ancient times of Ramtha s lifetime and return you to the present with renewed insight and appreciation for nature and for yourself.

Distribuito daRamtha School of Englightment
Data pubblicazioneGennaio 2006
Lo trovi in#Ramtha - Scuola di Illuminazione

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