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A Message of Joy and Hope - DVD in Inglese


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From the Actor
Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment, the school of the mind, gives you access to the ancient knowledge and self-empowering tools of the Mystery Schools of old but instead of using hard-to-decipher esoteric language, the wisdom of the ages is presented simply in the language of science and the infinite possibilities uncovered by quantum physics: We are responsible for creating our own destiny by what and how we think. Ramtha’s school is a remarkable school and practical laboratory dedicated to pushing the envelope of human potential and expanding the power of our mind and consciousness.

Product Description
Ramtha s powerful live address at the Seattle Center was his first public appearance since he was featured in the acclaimed independent film, What the Bleep Do We Know?
In this address, Ramtha explains with clarity and genius that the source of our greatest joy and hope is in our divine quality as creators of reality, and Observers, in a field of unlimited potential described by quantum physics.

Distribuito daRamtha School of Englightment
Data pubblicazioneGennaio 2004
Lo trovi in#Ramtha - Scuola di Illuminazione

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