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Anchored in The Omni - The Legacy Series - 2 CD Audio

Incontro del 4 Febbraio 2003


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Ramtha- The Legacy Series List:

Disc 1: Ramtha Dialogue Remote

01. Toast and Query
02. Rose Out-of-Body Experience
03. Understanding Ramtha's Methodology in Teaching Individual Personalities
04. Resistance: Examples of
05. How Laziness and Being in Love with Yourself Can Be an Anchor of Resistance
06. Resistance from Intellectualizing and Analyzing
07. How Contentment and Happiness Can Be an Anchor of Resistance
08. The Tour de Force of Contentment and Inertia
09. Overriding the Electromagnetic Field

Disc 2

01. Boring through Space/Time
02. When Fatigue Sets in Ramtha in the Arena (Diagrams Needed + Melissa's Hand Drawing)
03. Toast
04. Anchored in Resistance
05. Bringing Out Occult Voices in a Neutralized Environment
06. The Omni Particle, Inertia, and Personality in Resisting Change
07. What If You Had Access to a UFO?
08. What Grounds Us to What We Are in Light of What Tantalizes Us
09. Living Spaceships
10. Finding the First Act in Creation
11. Birthplace of the Omni Particle (Drawing of Omni coming down in strands on the Triad + Symbol for Magnetic Flux)

EditoreRamtha School of Englightment
Data pubblicazioneGennaio 2011
Durata24:03 ogni disco
Lo trovi in#Insegnamenti di Ramtha

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