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eBook - Kriya Yoga - English Edition

A manual to inner freedom

Jayadev Jaerschky

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A MANUAL TO INNER FREEDOM Based on the Teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda Kriya Yoga is an ancient and powerful technique of liberation, transformation and illumination.

It has been taught over the centuries by the greatest yogis and was introduced in the West in our time by the great master Paramhansa Yogananda, who described it in his Autobiography of a Yogi as “the airplane route” and “the easiest, most effective and most scientific way to approach the Infinite.

” This book presents the many facets of Kriya Yoga in a complete and accessible way for the first time: from its history to its philosophy, to the subtleties of the practice to how to prepare for initiation.

It is an invaluable text for all those who wish to learn or to deepen their understanding of this ancient science, kept secret for so long.

And not only that, it is a treasure trove of practical tools and techniques for all who wish to delve into the wonderful adventure of the inner journey!

This book offers you a chance to board the airplane of Kriya Yoga and fly straight to the eternal beauty of your own Self.

Never before has the ancient liberating science of Kriya Yoga, long kept secret throughout the course of history, been presented so completely, deeply and yet accessibly.

EditoreAnanda Edizioni eBook
Data pubblicazioneGennaio 2016
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FileEPUB (11611 kb), MOBI (11611 kb)
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MCR-NR 130634
Jayadev Jaerschky

Discepolo di Paramhansa Yogananda attraverso Swami Kriyananda, è uno dei principali insegnanti di yoga, meditazione e filosofia di Ananda. Pratica lo Yoga e la meditazione dall'età di 15 anni e risiede nel centro Ananda nei pressi di Assisi dal 1989. Ha insegnato in molti paesi europei e anche... Leggi di più...

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