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Pak Hok Pai - in Inglese

Carlo Tonti

€ 28,00
Disponibilità: 2 giorni

Libro - Edenica Progetti Editoriali - Ottobre 2009 - Self-Care

A book dedicated to the ancient art of kung fu. The author, Carlo Tonti, is well-known exponent of this wonderful art and one of the greatest experts of the traditional Tibetan White Crane style. Now, following fifteen years'... scheda dettagliata

Just in Case

How to be self-sufficient when the unexpected happens

Kathy Harrison

€ 11,87 € 16,95 (-30%) Solo 3 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Storey - Dicembre 2008 - Self-sufficiency

Disaster can strike at any time. Be one of the prepared few by following Kathy Harrison's practical plan for emergency self-sufficiency. Learn how to evaluate, organize, and rotate your food supply; pack an evacuation kit;... scheda dettagliata

Emerging Real Estate Markets

How to find and profit from up and coming areas

David Lindahl

€ 16,07 € 22,95 (-30%) Solo 3 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Wiley - Dicembre 2008 - Personal Growth

Praise for Emerging Real Estate Markets "In this book, you'll discover how to snatch real estate opportunities at low prices, before their value becomes common knowledge. Buy all the copies on the bookshelf before your... scheda dettagliata


Ninth edition

David G. Myers

€ 106,68 € 152,40 (-30%) Solo 2 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Worth - Novembre 2008 - Psychology

There is no such thing as a light, perfunctory revision of David Myers’ Psychology. Each new edition is a fresh opportunity to communicate psychology’s enduring principles and pivotal research in terms that captivate... scheda dettagliata

The Now Habitat

A strategic program for overcoming procrastination and enjoying guilt-free play

Neil Fiore

€ 10,47 € 14,95 (-30%)
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Tarcher Penguin - Dicembre 2006 - Personal Growth

Author Neil Fiore offers the first comprehensive strategy to overcome the causes of procrastination and to eliminate its deleterious effects. His techniques will help any busy person get more things done more quickly, without... scheda dettagliata

Seven Scarlet Doors - Libro

The third book of the initiate

Oberto Airaudi ( Falco)

€ 13,00
Disponibilità: 15 giorni

Libro - Damanhur - Dicembre 2005 - Spiritual growth

"Seven Scarlet Doors" tells of an encounter that any one of us might have with an awakened soul, a consciousness, a spiritual master. And what questions, doubts and hopes might be born as a result of such a meeting. We... scheda dettagliata

Dying to Learn - Libro

Oberto Airaudi ( Falco)

€ 11,00
Disponibilità: 15 giorni

Libro - Damanhur - Dicembre 2005 - Spiritual growth

Dying to Learn is the first book in a futuristic trilogy written by Oberto "Falco" Airaudi, founder and spiritual guide of The Federation of Damanhur in Italy, winner of a U.N. sustainability award and voted the most Utopian... scheda dettagliata

The Money Book for the Young Fabulous & Broke

Suze Orman

€ 11,20 € 16,00 (-30%) Solo 3 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Riverthead Books - Aprile 2007 - Personal Growth

The author of The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom addresses personal finance issues that are of relevance to today's world of high debt and disproportionate lifestyles, addressing such topics as credit cards, student loans,... scheda dettagliata


The discipline of getting things done

Ram Charan, Larry Bossydy ( Lawrence A. Bossidy )

€ 19,25 € 27,50 (-30%)
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Crow - Dicembre 2002 - Personal Growth

The book that shows how to get the job done and deliver results, whether you're running an entire company or in your first management job. Larry Bossidy is one of the world's most acclaimed CEOs, a man with few peers who has... scheda dettagliata

Lady Cottington's - Fairy Album

Libro in Lingua inglese

Brian Froud

Nuova ristampa
€ 15,50 Solo 1 disponibile: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Abrams - Dicembre 2002 - Novels

Ritorna Lady Angelica Cottington in questo misterioso, divertente enorme successo internazionale di Froud. In questo volume stravagante e seducente, Angelica inciampa su un album fotografico commentato che rivela incantesimi... scheda dettagliata

Organic Universe

Versione Inglese

Giuliana Conforto

€ 22,00 Solo 3 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Noesis - Luglio 2004 - Hidden Truths

Electromagnetic (em) light just interacts with 5% of the total mass, as scientists show. What is 95% of the universe made of? It is composed of dark energy and dark matter, which are invisible, as they don't interact with em... scheda dettagliata

Gods of Eden

Egypt's lost legacy and the genesis of civilization

Andrew Collins

€ 14,00 € 20,00 (-30%) Solo 2 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Bear & Co - Dicembre 1998 - Hidden Truths

"A fascinating piece of research which does much to bring the biblical world of Eden back into the historical spotlight" David Rohl, Egyptologist, author of A Test of Time "Here is someone who is really interested in the... scheda dettagliata

More Wealth Without Risk

How to develop a personal fortune without going out on a limb

Charles J. Givens

€ 13,97 € 19,95 (-30%) Solo 5 disponibili: affrettati!
Disponibilità: Immediata

Libro - Pocket Books - Aprile 1995 - Personal Growth

Charles J. Givens' Wealth Without Risk has become a classic in the field of financial self-help books for one simple reason: it works. His safe, legal, and proven approach has already started millions of Americans on the road... scheda dettagliata

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